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Merry Xmas Rfa by Sayu-Hatake Merry Xmas Rfa :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 2 0 Jaehee's Thanks by Sayu-Hatake Jaehee's Thanks :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 9 0 Jumin Han [Fixed Version] by Sayu-Hatake Jumin Han [Fixed Version] :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 4 0 Jumin Han by Sayu-Hatake Jumin Han :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0
The Red Emperor
yellow is so cheery as the bright sun,
light blue is last to be
while dark blue says only i can only beat me.
the titan violet has cherries on top for last
as megane green the lucky is never fun
and gold-red is the ultimate emperor to rule them all to first
he is never wrong.
victory is everything.
the eye cannot miss nothing.
his eternal flames to last.
rich and charming of forevermore to be the master
with melody violins to play a song,
a song of past sorrow and future hopes
for he can only be the one to give you a nope.
happy birthday seijuro akashi
:iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0
Forget-Me-Not no Us Chapter 4
“I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.” -Dean Winchester, Supernatural
The gathered clouds, gray and dreary as the rain mourns for a hawk recently passed away. Sniffles and sobs can be heard. The sunny hawk can never come back. Nature and fate can be so cruel. Tears blends into the rain as he stood there that seems like hours. Emotionless. Faceless. Emptiness. Loneliness. Darkness. His light is gone. Extinguish forever. Never coming back. Lost for all eternity. It wasn't exactly fair. His one and only taken away from his grasp.
“Oha Asa, why was he taken away from me? I don't understand? Is this my fate?” Midorima in a moment of true despair. “I couldn't save him.”
Former teammates from his high and middle years has attended the funeral. For condolences and for support. However, all none seems to reach. When all have gone home or work, Midorima continues to stand alone, envelop in his own grief. As Midorima remembers the night of Ta
:iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 1 14
Forget-Me-Not no Us Chapter 3
"What if I've made the wrong choice? How am I supposed to know?" Castiel, Supernatural
“Why?!” Midorima cries out desperately. “Why didn't you tell me sooner? We could have gotten you cured!”
Takao winced, not able to look directly at Midorima in the eyes, feeling extremely guilty. He knew his beloved tsundere would react badly at this news that's why he never told Midorima. Takao knew he didn't have long left to live because of his illness. It's been a few years since their eternal vow after their high school graduation and Takao have never told Midorima about his illness until he was submitted into the hospital after collapsing in the apartment condo they are living in together.
“W-Why, Kazunari? Why didn't you tell me sooner?” Midorima clutches his clipboard tightly, unable to hold his feelings back. “I love you. I love you, Kazunari. I wanted to be with you forever.”
Takao twitches slightly at those words, sadness bef
:iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 2 3
Lost Purple Heart
“Love. It's like a delicate flame. And once it's gone, it's gone forever.” -Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, OUAT
How could this happen? He never meant to do it. Not on purpose. He just wanted to be left alone and not be bothered with practice. He hated practice. It was tiring. It was boring. If he was left alone about it, then maybe all of this wouldn't have happened. She wouldn't have slip through his fingers. It wasn't fair. Why does this incident the one that made him realize he has fallen for her hard?
She's gone and he could never see her again. Not ever. He was stupid. If he hadn't changed him then maybe... just maybe she wouldn't have run off and got in middle of a crossfire... and dying... alone. What has he'd done? It's all his fault. The one he's in love with died without him telling her how he feels.... He never meant to have her leave his sight. Never.
He never thought it would hurt so much. Why would anyone want to feel this way? It's painful. He was never i
:iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0
Fading Dream
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! He can't fade away! His beloved shadow. Why didn't he realize how short their time was together? Why didn't anyone tell him?! It's fucking unfair! Bring back the time that was stolen from him! This damn fucking cruel reality of fate.
Please don't go.... Testu! Stay with me longer! Please! I love you!
"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Why?! Why didn't any of you bastards tell me?!" Aomine yells out angrily in agony. “I can't lose him! I just can't!”
Aomine couldn't stop the tears from overflowing. No one knows or even can comfort the broken Aomine. They lost Kuroko. They all knew somewhere in their hearts Kuroko was just a fleeting dream. No one wanted to admit it even when Kuroko confirmed it himself. They knew Aomine was an idiot for not seeing it. But.....But who knew Aomine would fall in love with the shadow.
It was painful. So painful they turned into a blind eye. Pretend it was just all a joke. Laughter lasting for an eternity. Smiles. Just sm
:iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 1 0
Profitable Xanxus by Sayu-Hatake Profitable Xanxus :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 You and Xanxus Partners for a Lifetime by Sayu-Hatake You and Xanxus Partners for a Lifetime :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 Final Squalo by Sayu-Hatake Final Squalo :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 My House My Car My Squalo by Sayu-Hatake My House My Car My Squalo :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 The Art of Squalo by Sayu-Hatake The Art of Squalo :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 Squalo is a Female Force by Sayu-Hatake Squalo is a Female Force :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0 Squalo's Good Appearance Investment by Sayu-Hatake Squalo's Good Appearance Investment :iconsayu-hatake:Sayu-Hatake 0 0


Maerchen Messenger: Red Riding Hood by fujofi Maerchen Messenger: Red Riding Hood :iconfujofi:fujofi 136 8 Happy Valentine's day!~ by Mikulishna Happy Valentine's day!~ :iconmikulishna:Mikulishna 85 4 -- Valentine's  Day : Seven -- by Kurama-chan -- Valentine's Day : Seven -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 197 5 Happy Valentines Day 2017~ by ksmile1313 Happy Valentines Day 2017~ :iconksmile1313:ksmile1313 236 9 Jumin han- Mystic Messenger Wallpaper by Midoyuri Jumin han- Mystic Messenger Wallpaper :iconmidoyuri:Midoyuri 6 0 Mystic Messenger Acrylic Charms by tonerukun Mystic Messenger Acrylic Charms :icontonerukun:tonerukun 84 4 Childhoodhero by StripedHenchman Childhoodhero :iconstripedhenchman:StripedHenchman 23 5 Hidan by YukinaLi13 Hidan :iconyukinali13:YukinaLi13 37 6 Little Bel by StarBunniie Little Bel :iconstarbunniie:StarBunniie 26 7 Happy Valentines dDay 2017! by namisiaa Happy Valentines dDay 2017! :iconnamisiaa:namisiaa 117 13 Kuroshitsuji 123 That Butler Expectantly Waiting by JustDash1 Kuroshitsuji 123 That Butler Expectantly Waiting :iconjustdash1:JustDash1 59 6 Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis #1 by Takara45667 Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis #1 :icontakara45667:Takara45667 58 2 Zelda Breath of the Wild by JoeAzpeytia Zelda Breath of the Wild :iconjoeazpeytia:JoeAzpeytia 7 3 Kuroshitsuji White Day Sebastian's style by namisiaa Kuroshitsuji White Day Sebastian's style :iconnamisiaa:namisiaa 152 25 Uchiha Itachi 'Sorry Sasuke' by lenbeezy Uchiha Itachi 'Sorry Sasuke' :iconlenbeezy:lenbeezy 7 0 Naruto Shippuden|Itachi Uchiha (Reanimated) by iEnniDESIGN Naruto Shippuden|Itachi Uchiha (Reanimated) :iconiennidesign:iEnniDESIGN 39 0

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Merry Xmas Rfa
merry christmas everyone! this is made pretty quickly for this weekend, hence kinda shitty quality compare to my usual artwork.
also can be found at my tumblr -->
been away from DA for so long again and they changed the layout of the site on me while i was on DA hiatus. i have been away for far too long again.... been a long time since i post anything here too.
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