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yellow is so cheery as the bright sun,
light blue is last to be
while dark blue says only i can only beat me.
the titan violet has cherries on top for last
as megane green the lucky is never fun
and gold-red is the ultimate emperor to rule them all to first
he is never wrong.
victory is everything.
the eye cannot miss nothing.
his eternal flames to last.
rich and charming of forevermore to be the master
with melody violins to play a song,
a song of past sorrow and future hopes
for he can only be the one to give you a nope.

happy birthday seijuro akashi
The Red Emperor
happy birthday to kiseki no sedai's akashi (12/20). you're one year older! poem for you~
“I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.” -Dean Winchester, Supernatural
The gathered clouds, gray and dreary as the rain mourns for a hawk recently passed away. Sniffles and sobs can be heard. The sunny hawk can never come back. Nature and fate can be so cruel. Tears blends into the rain as he stood there that seems like hours. Emotionless. Faceless. Emptiness. Loneliness. Darkness. His light is gone. Extinguish forever. Never coming back. Lost for all eternity. It wasn't exactly fair. His one and only taken away from his grasp.

“Oha Asa, why was he taken away from me? I don't understand? Is this my fate?” Midorima in a moment of true despair. “I couldn't save him.”

Former teammates from his high and middle years has attended the funeral. For condolences and for support. However, all none seems to reach. When all have gone home or work, Midorima continues to stand alone, envelop in his own grief. As Midorima remembers the night of Takao's death, Midorima could not stop blaming himself for letting Takao die due to his powerlessness.
Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep!

The code blue room. It was coming from Takao's room. Terror strikes within Midorima.

No! No! It can't be! Kazunari! Please! Don't leave me! Kazunari!

Tears flowing from despair. Doctors and nurses rushes to Takao's room. Machinery to pull Takao. A doctor and nurse nearest to the door of Takao's room holds Midorima back from coming in.

“No, Doctor Midorima! You must not come in! Your emotionally clouded right now. Leave the rest to the others to save him, please!”

Midorima couldn't hear it. All he wanted was to be next to Takao as all this goes down. To be the one who saves him. Everything around him seems to be going in slow motion. Takao's condition was worst than anyone has anticipated. A lot worst than the latest results has shown. Takao's illness was rapidly growing. Too fast.

Midorima called Takao's name over and over again. To not give up. To keep living. To not let that illness beat him. Takao was a fighter who didn't give up. However, it wasn't much use. The end of the line was there. Death is there to claim expired lives as if it was nothing.

'This is the natural order of nature. It is how the universe works' is what Death would say.

Unacceptable. This couldn't be happening, yet it is. Flat line. He is gone. Midorima couldn't bear the news. It was too much. He let Takao slip through his fingers. How could he let Takao slip through his goddamn fingers?! It didn't make sense to him at all. Midorima gritted his teeth, holding back every single negative feelings welling inside of him.

Days has passed since the funeral and Midorima is buried in his work, cutting off everything. Wake up. Work. Food. Shower. Sleep. That's all Midorima indulged himself into. Not a care in socializing. Everything is painful for Midorima. If Midorima haven't been keeping himself busy, his mind will wonder off towards Takao and he will be reminded again that his hawk is gone forever. The hole in his heart is too much to bear. Fellow Kiseki no Sedai, Kuroko, Midorima's former Shuntoku teammates who still kept in touch much thanks to Takao all try to best console Midorima. All to no avail. Words and actions of support fallen deaf and blind to Midorima. To Midorima, was anything even worth it anymore? Reality is too cruel of karma.

“Doctor Midorima, there you are. I have been looking for you.” A nurse walks up to Midorima.

“What is it?” Midorima scanning a patient chart without looking up at the nurse.

“Personal effects of the patient you were close with are finally finished being processed.” The nurse spoke slowly, but surely. “Since you were listed as the only family, Doctor Yoshima wants you to sign off some papers after your shift.”

A pause. A silence seemingly to shatter at any second. Midorima sighs. “Fine. Leave it all at my desk.”

The nurse nods in affirmation and left. Takao's personal effects. When Midorima thought he has them all at the house since Takao's death. All stored and locked up in a faraway corner of his memory. Why is fate being so cruel to him?

After his shift, Midorima returns to his desk and sign and stamp the papers left by the nurse. While Midorima rummage through Takao's personal effects that seem have to been left behind by Takao during the remainder of his life at the hospital, an envelop floats out.

“....?” Midorima picks it up the envelop. On it is Takao's handwriting address to Midorima. Curiosity yet hesitantly, Midorima slowly opens the envelop. Inside it is the contents conveying Takao's pack full of feelings, his last words to Midorima. Typical and cliché. Midorima self-loathing laughs to himself. That is so Takao. As Midorima reads the letter, tears wells up and threatens to fall.

Midorima takes off his glasses and places a hand over his eyes after reading the letter, biting his lower lips. Sniffling to have any emotions show at work. Takao really knows how to wreck him up, even after death. Damn annoying jerk. Midorima inhales and exhales a few rattled deep breaths to calm himself down.

“Kazunari, once I see you in the afterlife, you better prepare yourself.” Midorima leans back on his chair, a smile full of mixed emotions creeps up on his face.

Midorima closes his eyes and dream of Takao for the first time since Takao's death. It isn't a terrible dream per say, but a pleasant one. Nostalgic days of the past. Takao smiling brightly at Midorima, in the church they once set foot in years ago. Takao calls for Midorima, telling him let's do their wedding right with everyone. Midorima smiles back at Takao, full of love and admiration. No regrets falling for each other.
'To my beloved Shin-chan.

By the time you read this, I'll be long gone. Pretty cheesy line, huh? LOL. Oooh, I can hear your grumpy voice scowling me already. That's the part of you I love the most, Shin-chan. You big tsundere. Ahem. I'm.... I'm sorry I have to leave you so soon suddenly and that I never told you sooner my illness. As I write this letter, my life is ever growing short. By the time I'm finish writing this heartfelt letter to you, Death will be giving me a visit really soon. Please don't blame yourself over my death. Knowing you, you already beating yourself up about it. It's my fault that you're feeling this way. Sorry. Sorry. Oh man, this doesn't sound like me at all, does it? Creepy isn't it? *laughs nervously*
As I write this, I regret not able to be with you longer. I.... I really want to grow old with you. I really do. I love you so much. I really really REALLY do love you. You feel the same way right? It really sucks that I have to left before you do. Shin-chan, I'll be patiently waiting for you. I'm sure fate brought us together for a reason. The days I'd spent with you are the happiest. Everyday was so fun. I was so overjoy when you returned my feelings that day. Oh yeah, you already knew didn't you? Haha.
Shin-chan, may I ask you a favor? For the dying man's sake? Please be happy. How sad it would be if you cut off everyone and just work, work, work. I know how stubborn you are, but remember there are people who are there for you. You are not alone. I already know I hold a very special place in your heart. You can never forget about me, even if you try. I'm not too worried about that. :) Don't be a very gloomy Shin-chan, okay? I love who you were when we first met and I love you even more now. Shin-chan, continue saving lives and never lose yourself in the process. Are you able to fulfill this dying man's wish? I'll be very sad if you couldn't. There are so many things I want to tell you, but I'm pretty sure you know what they are. Am I right? Am I right?
I'm so happy to have met you Shin-chan. I am full of happiness, I feel I could explode. I know what you're going to say. We're lovers and we know each other for a long time now. You made my whole life worth something. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. I patiently await for you. Don't be in such a rush to die, OK? I'll be angry if I see you so soon after death, my naughty tsundere. Until we meet again. Love you lots, Shin-chan.
With full of love and happiness,
Kazunari <3 <3
Forget-Me-Not no Us Chapter 4
Title: Forget-Me-Not no Us
Chapter 4 Title: Flowers of Ironic Karma
Summary: [WARNING: YAOI][Don't like boy x boy, don't read!] Midorima and Takao is having a steady relationship ever since their confession that fateful night after practice at Shutoku High. However, Takao is keeping a secret. A very big secret for a long time. How will Midorima handle the news of Takao's secret once it's out? Time skips involved. Sequel to MidoTaka one-shot, Carrot Love.

A/N: so much angst! sorry for ending midotaka week with this as an aftermath. ~OxO~ did this hurt your feels? yes? no? maybe? who bloody cares? whatever happens to midorima after this? well... i'll leave that to your imagination as long he's following takao's advice. haha. This is the final chapter, but enjoy.

::DISCLAIMER:: I do not own KnB or its characters.

Chapter 1 link:…
Chapter 2 link:…
Chapter 3 link:…
"What if I've made the wrong choice? How am I supposed to know?" Castiel, Supernatural


“Why?!” Midorima cries out desperately. “Why didn't you tell me sooner? We could have gotten you cured!”

Takao winced, not able to look directly at Midorima in the eyes, feeling extremely guilty. He knew his beloved tsundere would react badly at this news that's why he never told Midorima. Takao knew he didn't have long left to live because of his illness. It's been a few years since their eternal vow after their high school graduation and Takao have never told Midorima about his illness until he was submitted into the hospital after collapsing in the apartment condo they are living in together.

“W-Why, Kazunari? Why didn't you tell me sooner?” Midorima clutches his clipboard tightly, unable to hold his feelings back. “I love you. I love you, Kazunari. I wanted to be with you forever.”

Takao twitches slightly at those words, sadness befalls on his face. The fallen hawk slightly, but softly touches Midorima's right cheek. “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Shin-chan. I knew.... I knew since before I met you I don't have long to live. I couldn't bear letting you know. I never wanted you throw your life away just to save silly old me.”

“Aho! How could you say that! Your life is very precious!” More tears threaten to spill from Midorima's eyes, his face fill with broken heartiness despair. “To me.... To me, you're everything.”

“Doctor Midorima! Please keep your voice in check. I know it's hard for you to endure this, but please keep a cool head.” Doctor Yoshima, Midorima's superior at the Tokyo Hospital, said with a grim expression before sighing. “I knew I shouldn't have assign you to his case. Doctors are not suppose to treat patients from their personal lives. There are high risks of emotional errors that could very possibility kill the patient.”

Midorima grits his teeth. After everything they been though to get to this point. How could his beloved hawk keep such an important information from him. Midorima tries his best to hold back his tears, from breaking down right there, right then.

Takao smiles sadly at Midorima. “It'll be alright, Shin-chan. It's not like it's going to be goodbye forever.”

“But--!” Doctor Yoshima place his hand on Midorima's shoulder and shakes his head before Midorima spoke even further.

Takao smiles, placing his usual smiling face, a hint of sadness behind it. “I'll be fine. Go take care of your other patients. I'm not going anywhere today.”

Midorima grimace than heaves a heavy sigh. For him, for Takao, Midorima agrees to finish his rounds for the days. “I'll come back and check on you after my rounds, Kazunari.”

Takao waves at Midorima goodbye. “Mmm. I'll see you later, Shin-chin.”

After Midorima left the room, shadow covers Takao's face, his expression hard to read, as he slowly puts his hand down. Takao slowly turns his head towards the now setting sun of pink and orange, a small sigh escaping his lips. Now the cat is out of the bag, Takao wonders what he's going to do now. It was never his intention to worry Midorima. Too late now, huh. Maybe, just maybe he should have told Midorima so much sooner. Takao laughs sadly. Takao clicks a button to call in a nurse.

“Yes Takao-san?” A young nurse who's maybe slightly older than Takao. Beautiful, but nothing compare to his Shin-chin's beauty. “Do you need some help?”

Takao smiles at the nurse. “Do you mind if I have some papers, something to write with, and an envelop?”

“Sure. Right away.” The nurse gives a small bow and left to complete Takao's request.

I wish I can watch you play basketball one more time, Shin-chan. I love you with all my heart. I'm glad I got the chance to meet and fall in love with you. Thank you for everything.....

After Midorima finished his rounds, Midorima checks with Doctor Yoshima about Takao's latest test results and conditions. Unfortunately, the news isn't great. Midorima couldn't believe it, but it's all there. Midorima's time with his beloved is growing ever so short. How... How could Midorima not see it earlier? He could brought all of Takao's lucky items as well. Maybe, just maybe Takao's luck would turn around. That everything will become a dream. That Takao really isn't stricken with an incurable disease.

“Is... Is there really no hope for him, Yoshima-sensei?” Midorima asked hoarsely, not wanting to hear the answer he knew deep within his heart.

“Yes. I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do. Even if we're able to somehow submit him into a trial being done overseas, there is no guarantee he'll make it into the cut. Getting into the experimental trials is highly competitive and the higher priorities are always the top the list.” Doctor Yoshima explains. “As a young doctor yourself, you should know that fact by now.”

Midorima clutches his jaws tightly, his hands slightly quivering. He knew all that, yet it's still hard to accept those facts. There will be never be anyone else be Takao. The stupid annoying hawk was his everything. How? How can he live without his beloved stupid annoying hawk? Suddenly a code blue alert echos in the hospital halls.

'It can't be?!' Midorima gasps in horror, fearing the worse. 'Kazunari! Kazunari! Please let it not be you. Please Kamina. Please don't take Kazunari away from me. I can't bear to leave him yet. Hang in there. Don't you dare die before I'm there.'

Midorima prays. Prays with all his heart his fear has not yet come to pass. He mustn't give into tears threatening to well up. Never giving up hope that everything will be fine. That he and Takao will get through this wall together. All the shit they've been through would not be for naught. Midorima place his hand over his heart as he pray to his horoscope god over and over again. A long night awaits....
Forget-Me-Not no Us Chapter 3
Title: Forget-Me-Not no Us
Chapter 3: Wilting Orange Carnation
Summary: [WARNING: YAOI][Don't like boy x boy, don't read!] Midorima and Takao is having a steady relationship ever since their confession that fateful night after practice at Shutoku High. However, Takao is keeping a secret. A very big secret for a long time. How will Midorima handle the news of Takao's secret once it's out? Time skips involved. Sequel to MidoTaka one-shot, Carrot Love.

A/n: Sorry for the shortness of this chapter. Couldn't really think of anything else to put into this chapter. In other news, this story is almost over. It's meant to be one of those fics that's less than 10 chapters short. Plus, there might be angry readers who doesn't appreciate the constant time skips. So yeah... Better keep that to a bare minimum ^^;; I believe all of you have figure out what happen in the end. I'm gonna make it hurt next chapter because I hate you all. I'm just kidding. I love you guys, that's why the pain. Look forward to the next chapter! Finally an update. The angst continues! Was going to have this chapter up for MidoTaka day, but never gotten around to finishing it in time. Well... I was, but I kinda forgot. Sorry! After I got really busy with work because of the holiday season and all, so I never really had the time to write anything or play much video games for that matter cuz of it. Now I got some time to write this story for MidoTaka week. Yay! Hopefully I get this finished before MidoTaka week ends. There is another time skip in this chapter since chapter 2, a large one. Please enjoy chapter 3!

::DISCLAIMER:: I do not own KNB or its character. It belongs to its rightful owner

Chapter 1 link:…
Chapter 2 link:…
Chapter 4 link:…
been away from DA for so long again and they changed the layout of the site on me while i was on DA hiatus. i have been away for far too long again.... been a long time since i post anything here too.
  • Watching: Bones
  • Playing: mobile otome games + FEA
  • Drinking: water
been away from DA for so long again and they changed the layout of the site on me while i was on DA hiatus. i have been away for far too long again.... been a long time since i post anything here too.
  • Watching: Bones
  • Playing: mobile otome games + FEA
  • Drinking: water


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